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Risse Vase

Risse Vase

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The Risse vase is formed into a bud silhouette made of fragmented porcelain carefully positioned to create a mosaic effect. The elongated neck trickles down to a rounded base, making it perfect for storing liquids to hydrate your floral bouquets. Display this rustic decor as a standalone or with a lovely floral bouquet. This vase is just one half of a pairing, so you can add dimension by displaying both. Perfect for any native-inspired, bohemian, or modern farmhouse aesthetics."

Dimensions: Lg L 8.00 X W 8.00 X H 11.75; Sm L 6.00 X W 6.00 X H 8.75

  • Finish: Ebony and White
  • Materials: Porcelain
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