Open for ALL

Taken at face value, we are a Furniture, Rug, Lighting, and Botanical showroom, but we hope you see us as much more than just a plant or furniture store.  Our hope is to provide a relaxed environment for you to; shop without pressure, seek interior design and botanical guidance, browse for ideas in a live curated setting, or just enjoy a sojourn from your hectic day. We are open to everyone, always.  

Handcrafted Furniture

Let us help you make your statement!  We offer a beautiful assortment of custom furniture, benchmade by artisans in American and Mexican workrooms. From sofas to ottomans and everything in-between, with numerous upholstery options and an array of finishes - we can create furniture that truly speaks your style.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

Choose from an array of artisan rugs, globally and ethically sourced, across all styles and price points. From affordable, power loomed synthetic fibers, to luxury heirloom quality, hand knotted rugs, meticulously crafted from organic fibers, we know you will find the perfect compliment to your home. 

Glistening Details

Peruse a stunning collection of lighting options to add unique flair to your home. Because, after all, lighting is the jewelry of a home!

Green with Envy

Choose from a curated array of botanical offerings, from the familiar to more exotic specimens, sourced by our in-house botanist. 

The 'Pillow Bar'

Pick a fabric, pick a size, pick a fill, and create a pillow that is all your own! You make the choices (with our free design assistance, of course) and one of our local craftswomen or craftsmen will bring your dream pillow to life.