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Control Sculpture

Control Sculpture

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This solid carved sculpture is made to stand alone, be used as a table, or can be stacked upon two other pillars that build up to a single large stacked sculpture. It's highly dynamic carved, solid, wooden structure is presentable from any angle. This is a great addition for enhancing the ambiance but simultaneously maintaining the balance and harmony of any room of your home or business! Add a natural elegance to any space with these large carved sculptures.

Artisan Produced: This product has been hand crafted by artisans. Each piece is unique and can vary in finish, tone, texture and color.

Dimensions: Lg L 16.00 X W 16.00 X H 35.00; Md L 12.00 X W 12.00 X H 27.00Sm L 12.00 X W 12.00 X H 20.00

  • Finish: Weathered Grey
  • Materials: Wood
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